The Diet on the Rachael Ray Show – Rachel Ray’s Popular New Flat Belly Diet

If you’ve been seeking out the diet on the Rachael Ray show recently then you’ve found it. In this exposing article I will break down the flat belly diet and explain the pros and cons of this very popular new diet.

Pros of the Flat Belly Diet

This diet is great for weight loss while you’re on it as it restricts you to monounsaturated fatty acids which are fats commonly found in avocados, many nuts and seeds, chocolate and most healthy oils such as olive oil. You eat 4 400 calorie meals per day without exceeding 1600 calories, so this is considered a somewhat low calorie diet. The main idea is that by eating a lot of foods that contain monounsaturated fatty acids also known as MUFAs that your body will feel full and you will be able to make it through the diet without feeling as though you’re always starving. The other main benefit is that MUFAs generally do Okinawa Flat belly tonic not store as fat but are flushed out of the body instead, so you do not put on weight from them as you would as the fats in potato chips for example.

Cons of the Flat Belly Diet

MUFAs and virtually nothing but! It’s true that this diet also lets you eat fresh vegetables and fruit and a variety of whole grains, when it comes down to it you need to eat MUFAs with every meal, and if you aren’t the type of person who likes fatty foods you may be in hot water. Beyond this there is the simple fact that you need to continue eating a somewhat loosened version of the diet afterward to keep the weight off. That’s right it’s the diet that never ends essentially.

The Rebound Effect

So what happens if you don’t continue with the diet? Well your now slowed down metabolism thanks to a low calorie repetitive diet will not be able to keep up with your calorie consumption and as a result you will put on an awful lot of weight that you otherwise normally wouldn’t (Or at least not as fast). There is a secret to stopping the rebound effect, it is a diet known as calorie shifting which can be done on its own or after another diet that slows down your metabolism. Calorie shifting is the only diet that focuses intensely upon your metabolism and boosting it up as opposed to starving the body of calories. Because of its unique method of dieting it actually triggers your metabolism to reach its maximum potential and stay there at all times. As a result you end up burning a lot of fat while being able to actually eat and best of all the hastened metabolism carries on even after you decide to stop the diet. So not only is there no rebound effect, but you actually keep burning fat for weeks to come!

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