Flat Tummy Secrets For 6 Pack Abs

With the warmer months coming up, everyone is going to be wanting to have their six pack abs showing. Some great flat tummy secrets are available but most charge for such great information. In order to get to the point of having a flat tummy or your own 6 pack, you must follow a few guidelines to ensure success.

These are some of the exercises I have my clients run through in order to get their abs popping out and for others just getting their waist lines slimmer.

Medicine Ball Routines

If you have never tried exercising Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews with a Medicine Ball, you are definitely missing out! I use a 10lb. ball and lay declined on a bench. With my workout partner in front of me, I do sit ups as normal but as I rise up from the sit up I throw the ball to them, they catch the ball and throw it back on my way back down. This is ten times more effective than ANY sit up you have ever done, trust me! I’d start slow with this one as you WILL be feeling it the next day.

Sprinting Helps Build Your Core

Whenever someone asks me how they can get better more defined abs, I always tell them to hit the track. What I have them do is sprints. Roughly 40 yards at a time works great. What this does is build your core muscles along with your legs. Think about the extra force you are using when you are sprinting, and putting everything into it. This really helps build your core up and reduces your waistline. If you never do these and don’t believe it will work, go out and try doing five 40 yard dashes and check back in with me the next day if you aren’t feeling it in your abs.

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