Best Aion Weapons For LevelinGg

For those unfamiliar with the term, “FTT Best Comps” is a concept that simply means the most effective comps in any given Meta game. This is a subjective analysis based on a comprehensive survey of the most popular PVP, Battleground, and Arena games across the World of Warcraft community. The TFT stands for: Threatening Damage. When determining the best comps, it is not about burst damage but rather keeping the opponents guessing as to what you will do next or where you are going to hit them next. When looking at a team of fighters to try to figure out how they will react to a certain scenario, what are their weak points, and what are their strong points.

The Best Team Comps in Teamfight Tactics Set 5: Reckoning - Pro Game Guides

While the best TFT comps may be subjectively derived and may be determined after post-production, those who like to stay objective want TFT meta articles to be an invaluable source for not only new and returning players but even anyone who want to know what the best comps dictate the standard meta. In this regard, I am going to lay out the criteria used to determine which TFTs are considered the best comps for each match up. First, let’s look at PvP. There are basically two types of PvP: offensive and defensive. Every player in any given raid group enters into PvP with a goal in mind, be it to take down the boss first or to protect the group from being wipe out TFT Best Comps .

There are several different TFT Best Comps for each style of PvP. Astro Snipers uses DoTs to catch their opponents off guard, close in, and snipe key members of the opposing teams. These players also benefit from buff effects and other heals; however, when the fight ends they must exit the battleground to re-enter. More often than not, a team will have a DoT or heal to exit the match, thus keeping their position from becoming dire.

Assault Tanks are in charge of the tanking aspect of the team. They are heavily focused on mitigation and soaking up damage. Assault Compounds are not as reliant on direct damage as the s-tier comps, as their abilities can simply cover up an ability that is about to occur, or act as a secondary burn that adds another five seconds to the duration of DoTs. The best comps for Assault Tanks are S-tier or A-tier, depending on the build and talents selected.

A lot of Aion players feel that Aion is a “burn all” style game, using Aion’s punishing damage and knockback capabilities to ensure victory. What most Aion players do not realize is that there is a much more effective method to play Aion, one that does not rely on simply grinding out “taunt after taunt” and “kill everything”. Instead, a complete Aion build requires the use of a variety of Aion utilities and Aion weapons. This is what TFT Best Comps for Aion guides is based on.

As with the DPS spec, the DoT spec is the standard with every Aion class. In a nutshell, Aion blademasters excel at dealing ranged damage with a high attack speed, as well as complementing the party by providing strong support. Unfortunately, Aion blademasters are weaker in other departments; while the burst damage of the party is more than sufficient against single target opponents, blademasters lack both the mobility and damage capabilities necessary to take down bosses. A good Aion build should combine the best of both worlds: strong single target damage and support for a group. The best Aion weapons are the ones that combine damage with utility, such as the Starfall that allows the group to move while targeting enemies, and the Disruption that damages and stuns enemy characters. These two abilities, coupled with Aion’s steady barrage of damage-dealing abilities, make the perfect Aion weapons for a Blademaster build.

Another great weapon in Aion is the Spiked Whip, which deals additional damage on each swing but is less lethal than the Bladedancer. While this combination is not usually a good idea, it is often used by fizz players (a term coined by WoW contributor, chimp) as a farming tool, since the Spiked Whip doubles up as a throwing staff. To counter, consider using two-handed weapons, since one-handed weapons cannot deal damage and are useless against larger bosses. However, two-handed swords do not fit well into the “blasters only” category of Aion weapons, so these weapons are not the TFT Best Comps for Aion guides.

For most solo players looking to maximize damage, the best Aion comp would be one that utilizes the unique abilities of red buff, which allows you to heal yourself with minimal staves and is excellent at burning down mobs. The best Aion Swords are the ones with the longest range and highest DPS, and these two options are the Cybernetics Spiked Whip and the Ironclad Spiked Whip. These weapons have increased attack speed, increased move speed and greatly increased attack power. These bonuses help the Cybernetics Sword gives an extremely high damage output while being immune to stuns and roots. This build is perfect for leveling up quickly as it gives the best Aion Comps to generate DPS, while the Ironclad Sword and Spiked Whip are great for grinding.

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