Buying Organic Seeds

If you have decided that you want to have a truly organic garden then you really need to buy organic seeds. Even if you have avoided using weed killer or pesticide in your garden, unless the plants are grown from organic seeds they are not truly organic. It is possible that standard seeds have been subjected to various kinds of sprays when they were growing on the parent plant and you have no way of checking this.

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There is even a possibility that non organic seeds may have been genetically modified or engineered to encourage the growing plant to have certain qualities, such as higher productivity or disease resistance, for example. This genetic modification should not be confused with selective breeding and hybridization that has been going on for hundreds, if not thousands of years to produce the fruits and vegetables that are widely available today cbd gummies for anxiety.

The real danger with the whole concept of genetic modification is that we do not really know what else may be altered when we tamper with the genetic material. What may appear on the face of it to be a beneficial alteration, such as making a plant more resistant to disease, can potentially have a negative effect if this means that the bacteria evolve to survive.

There is also a wider risk that human diseases can become increasingly resistant to antibiotics as a result (as we eat the genetically modified plants and vegetables) and there is the larger question of potentially harming biodiversity and perhaps producing new diseases.

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