Are You the Leader Others Follow? Online Marketing

Or do they follow you because they have to? The eternal question is, “Are Leaders born or made?”

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We will be developing this interesting topic and offer you online business ideas and personal growth and development information that can help with your personal development.

The best estimates offered by research is that leadership is about one-third born and two-thirds made judi online24jam. The fact that leadership is mostly made is great news for those of us involved in leadership development. Leaders can be developed. I make the point in many of my articles that all of us were born naked to the world and basically a blank slate that accumulates information as the body’s system experiences everything taken in as information during our life path.

With this simple start to life and all things being equal, which we know are not, there are many leaders in every field that worked their way through the educational and work life process on their way to becoming the leaders that they are.

So the question begs an answer and the article will be sharing critical points that define good quality leaders and why they are held in this esteem. Coming out of the military, where I spent ten years, we all learned the way the system’s leadership works which is basically the Chain of Command. This explicitly defined system has everyone in the system responsible to the rank above them, with no questions asked. It works great overall, but we both know that not all leaders are considered to be good. There are many situations where because of the Chain of Command, that the person above you is lacking in the finer points of leadership and leaves you questioning them. This situation already negates the principle of good leadership and leaves holes in the armor, allowing the people being led to seek other counsel and even question their supposed leader. In the military it is critical to trust and respect your superior as there can be situations where lives are at stake and the guidance and direction of the leader can have implications that can lead to disaster.

So what are we looking for in our “leaders”? Let us develop a list of criteria that impact our perception of who the leader is and what defines them as such. Since we look for leaders that have greater poise, agility and patience to minimize the impact of uncertainty of the situation, here are some traits that are critical for good leaders to exhibit. Our initial perception of the composure of a good leader is reflected in their attitude, body language and overall presentation, but let us go further.

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