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Transferring money on the internet using an E Wallet is really simple and very secure, so that you can play online games or make purchases on the web with confidence.

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In the modern world of online purchasing and the constant ‘scare fest’ related to credit card theft it is easy to understand why many people including myself were turned off by the idea of online shopping and gaming! I wanted to enjoy the benefits of being able to buy my essentials from the warmth of my kitchen table, whilst having a little flutter on the online games, and possibly downloading a few songs to boot!

I no longer feel afraid to take part in some of my favorite pastimes. I can now take advantage of the ease of life the World Wide Web can afford you bandar qq online Indonesia . I have been scouring the web for the perfect solution to my difficulties and have of late discovered some great solutions and feel as a fellow consumer it is my responsibility to share my good fortune with you. The answer is to use an E Wallet. Later I will give you my top recommendations.

Now just to explain to you all what exactly an E Wallet is. An E Wallet works as a secure online storage place for your money. I would like you to imagine a great big purse with a huge padlock that only you have the key to. You can send funds directly to your E Wallet using many different payment methods and from there to your chosen site in a matter of moments. You can use the funds in your wallet to play online anywhere regardless of international boundaries, in a secure manner! Importantly you can purchase goods in a matter of seconds knowing that if you require a refund or win you can receive your cash super quick!

I promised you all earlier that I would give you my top E Wallet recommendations and here they are!

My first thumbs up goes to British based company Netteler! Neteller are monitored by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), and are among the most highly protected and secure E Wallets in existence! Netteler has a superb and friendly customer service team and has one of the fastest cash out methods on the web! Your Netteler account is easy to fund and will allow you to deposit in places your credit card may restrict you whilst still ensuring that you are 100% secure.

My second round of applause goes to the wonderful MoneyBookers (Skrill), one of the best known and well renowned E Wallets on the web you can securely purchase goods from all over the world without revealing your financial details! One of the great things about MoneyBookers is they accept 100 different types of payment methods from all over the world meaning you will never have the wrong payment method! I have had the pleasure of using MoneyBookers on many occasions now and find their web site very easy to navigate and their service exceptional!

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