Is MBA Education in India Over Hyped?

India is one of the emerging power and fastest developing economy in the world after China. With more and more corporate entering India, the country is witnessing a job boom MBA . To cater to the needs of these companies, the demand for professionals has seen a vertical growth. Most of the MNC’s, recruit directly from the campuses of the top institutes in country.

India is not only perceived as a lucrative business destination but also a pool of talent. Thanks to economic reform policies in 1990’s and the IT boom, the demand for Indian talent has amplified globally especially in countries like UK and US. This, in turn, has given rise to need of MBA professionals.

The country (India)is experiencing a rapid growth for MBA qualified professionals than ever over the last few years. India’s economic growth has given birth to the necessity of developing able business professionals with an international viewpoint. This has led to a rush in demand for MBA graduates in India and an equivalent explosion in the Indian MBA market. At present, there are approximately 1,100 B-schools in India producing more than 70,000 MBA graduates every year.

MBAs can now look at opportunities such as marketing, media, finance, tourism and hospitality and healthcare industries as many of these sectors are set to witness an extraordinary growth. As the bigger cities are flooded with industries, many organizations are moving towards towns and small cities to set up business. Since more and more individuals are heading towards MBA, the value of the degree has become debatable.

Can a MBA degree equip you with the capabilities to run large corporations? In a country where business giants hail from a modest family with basic education in hand, the importance MBA becomes dubious. The truth remains that there is no substitute to education. The MBA course provides you with all the business knowledge that one needs to know before entering the corporate arena.

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