Cash Back Credit Cards – Never Pay Full Price Again

Some people like to shop and spend money while others are the exact opposite, but they both like to get a good deal on their purchases. This is possible through the use of cash back credit cards, where you can get a percentage back on all your purchases.

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Not all cards give back the same percentage and it can also make a difference what items you are buying. Purchases made at grocery stores, drugstores, and gas stations are often associated with the highest reward percentage and some offers include 5% cash back on these items, while restaurant and travel purchases usually are not higher than 3% cash back and with the rest of your purchases receiving 1%.

The typical family is probably 소액결제현금화 spending $500 on groceries, $75 at drugstores and $150 on gas. Change out your debit card or checkbook with the right credit card and on this budget you will get more than $35 back per month, or more than $400 per year. If you like to travel and eating out then you cash back will be much higher.

The key to save this much is using the right cards. Not every credit card offer 5% cash back and if they do, the cash back for the other categories could be lower than other credit cards. Carrying two credit cards and use the right card at the right place could ensure that your returns are maximized. If there is a maximum rebate limit on the card, make sure to use another card once this limit is reached.

The competition between credit card companies has also made the redemption easy.
The rebate is often redeemed as a rebate check in $25 increments or as statement credit towards your unpaid credit card balance.

Many banks are also offering additional incentives, such as 0% APR on all your purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months, travel insurance and car rental insurance. There is no reason to pay with cash or check anymore.

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