Control Who Gets a Gun, and Violent Shootings Will Control Itself!

 Control Who Gets a Gun, and Violent Shootings Will Control Itself!

With the shocking string of shootings that we have seen recently the important question is what do we do to stop this terrible violence from happening?

We’ve all heard 38 super ammo for sale  that simple little saying before “Guns don’t kill people… people do”, but a person also needs that gun if their intent is to commit a violent crime using a gun. So all that person actually needs is the wiliness, and the gun.

So than are we just going to talk about doing something, or are we going to actually do something.

Right now there are between 70 and 80 million Americans that own guns, and one in every ten households that have children have loaded guns. While most guns used in crimes are stolen from gun dealers, or homes there is still a concern for anyone that commits gun violence when obtaining a gun legally.

So how do we prevent all this gun violence from happening? Consider a person that purchases a gun legally, but also has mental problems with bad intent in using the gun, and no one is ever aware of that person’s mental problems until it’s actually too late, and something terrible happens.

So that 70 to 80 million Americans that actually own guns between 40 and 45 million of them own a handgun, and the rest of that 80 million own a different type of firearm such as a shotgun, or something more powerful. Do we really need more powerful weapons on our streets, or should we stop allowing the use of the very powerful weapons that only slaughter people?

When it comes to restrictions in obtaining a gun Connecticut has some of the toughest restrictions in the nation along with California, but with the recent shootings in Connecticut it made no difference with the mass shooting of the young innocent children, and the adults who tried to protect them at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In Connecticut and California they have both lowered the rates of deaths from guns, but other States with few restrictions on guns have the highest rates of deaths. What does this tell us?

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